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How to Retrieve a Password for a yahoo account if you have no backup email?

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Yahoo email services quite prominent across the globe, have multiple registered users. With millions of users already registered with the Yahoo email , many new email users keep emerging and sign up with Yahoo mail on a regular basis. Though Yahoo is one of the biggest web portals and search engines of all time, but the emergence of email services has taken it to the new height

But with security breach happening twice in a year, users have now become cautious and keep changing the email password on a regular basis. In doing this they often forget the original password changed few days back and on top of that they have no accurate idea about Yahoo password recovery.

As many email users forget Yahoo password on a regular basis, some of them are able to reset the same. But amongst them, many do not have a bit of knowledge regarding how to regain the access of Yahoo email account.

With no official phone number, the users are are unable to contact Yahoo support team experts and know about the tips on how to reset Yahoo password .

Here are the techniques to reset Yahoo password in quick time

  • Reset Yahoo password with Phone number
  • Reset Yahoo password with Email Address
  • Reset Yahoo password with Y ! M login id

But there is a twist in the tale. As some of the users forget the access to recover email address or the address provided during sign-up is no more active or suspended due to one or the other reasons, there is no other option that login id and recovery phone number that can help in recovery of Yahoo email account password in few minutes

Here are the steps to reset Yahoo Password with Phone Number

  • Open any web browser and type
  • Once the login dashboard is displayed, provide the yahoo login id and press the next button
  • As you have forgotten yahoo password, click on the link, forgotten password that redirects you to the options available to recover yahoo password with account key
  • As your registered phone number is also displayed on the screen, you are asked to press the button, “Yes text me an account key”
  • Now check your mobile phone and enter the Yahoo account key received through text message to reset email password
  • Once the account key is validated, you are redirected to a new web page in which it is asked to enter new password twice
  • Click on save to make changes effective.

By following these above mentioned steps, you can easily reset Yahoo mail password at ease to regain access of Yahoo mail account. In case, it is not feasible for you, just give a call at the autonomous Yahoo contact number to avail help from experts before it gets too late.

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